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Quinta da Capela was ressurected from the ruins of an edifice first constructed in 1692. The 17th century building was incrementally built upon over the centuries. In 1777, for example, the chapel was added to the structure - under decree by Captain João Nepumuceno de Freitas Leal, a notable family - descendants of wealthy settlers to the area of Porto da Cruz in the 1500's.

In times past this location was much sought after by spiritual and religious brethren for qiuet meditation and introspection. Its location on an island, far away from the problems in 18th or 19th Europe was attractive to clergy and other religious or spiritual folk seeking solace, reflection and introspection.

The chapel has an interesting story: that is, that between 1777 and 1890 more than 290 priests celebrated mass at this quaint chapel. The reason for the high turnover of clergymen was that they were obliged by tradition in the area to celebrate mass at the chapel every time they happened to pass by the Quinta or the village of Porto da Cruz.

Later on as roads and civil infrastructure on the island improved the owners of the property would spend more and more time in the city of Funchal - the Quinta became their country home estate. But as the owners and their children spent still more and more time in the city, or travelled abroad, the quinta was steadily abandoned. Such that in the twentieth century it remained empty, out of use and left to ruin.

It was in 1984 that António Estevinho the current owner and your host at the estate purchased the property and restored it to its current glory.

Close by an aviary was established and thousands of birds chirp as if in Eden garden - in the fully grown trees that were replanted when restorations began on the property in 1990.

In 1994 the restoration to the property was complete and started receiving guests. Since then the quinta has enjoyed many visitors and repeat guests who have wanted to experience something uniquely different and quaintly Madeiran.


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