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The restoration works took 4 years - from 1990 to 1994. The final result is notably true to the original structure. It was so well restored that it was awarded official classification by the regional government as a historical and heritage monument. The structure and the important chapel have become an important point of reference to Madeiran culture and has been the object of study and admiration by many students, researchers and enthusiasts alike.

The entrance hall has furniture dating from the 17th and 18th centuries painstakingly collected from surrounding properties, private estates, and personal anitique collections. The kitchen is equipped with the most original and period items that could be found.

The five bedrooms that comfortably accommodate guests are all situated on the first floor of the structure. The rooms are furnished with mostly typical Madeiran Mahogany furniture and utensils.

One of the bedrooms features an uinque bed with a carefully and spectacularly handcrafted headboard. Each of the rooms enjoy central heating and three of them have a view towards the village. The other bedrooms have a view up the mountains and into the front courtyard..

Quinta da capela sits atop a small hilltop. Access to the estate is made through an entrance and a climb of at least 112 stairs - that is, a short climb from off the roadway to a small level and then another short climb thereafter to the main property. Note, the climb can be tough for people who hate more than five steps.... But the lovely and traditional estate is worth it - and climbing those extra steps is envigorating for the body while the traditional and bucolic surrounds of the estate are envigorating for the soul.

The view over Porto da Cruz reminds the visitor of how the wealthier landlords lived in centuires gone by. They would control and check their estate from this excellent vantage point for miles beyond. An interesting feature on the property is the doorpost where the former landlord would tie his horse. Nearby too, stands a curfew bell that was used at varying times of the day to mark different tmes of the working day, or to chime church ceremonies.


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