A small veranda, on the first floor, is used in the evenings as a sunset spot. But also as an excellent locale to serve those evening cocktails – the beautiful vista over across the metropolitan twinkling of city lights, boats, and cruise liners in the harbour of Funchal adding an unusual quality to the start of any evening ceremony.

An unusual and interesting feature of the gardens is the small mansion chapel just off the main residence. These were additions to the properties of wealthy landlords who felt it best to divine closer to God their material wealth and spiritual well-being. In this setting of spiritual upliftment the assorted colours and aromas of the colours and fragrances from the rest of the garden only help to imbibe the soul further and refresh the personal harmony.

On the outside too, on the corner of the property to the street, is a small outhouse called the “Sala de Lazer” - a typical Madeiran leisure room. In times gone past these rooms were used for recreational purposes, and to observe and while the time away as townsfolk and peasants wandered up and down the road to Funchal. The advent of the car has introduced a little bit more noise but it is still a very frequented room for visitors to enjoy the warm afternoons.

Alternatively you might want to try and wander further about the gardens - picking your favourite fruit from the local array of fruit: custard apples, Brazilian guavas, pineapples, plums, peaches, bananas, the “pitanga” (a Brazilian cherry fruit), avocado pears, amonst others.


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