With a massive vista across the harbour city of Funchal the Quinta da Fonte breathes the freshness and nature of Monte - a hilltop outcrop or village on the top most outskirts of Funchal famous for having some of the most beautiful gardens in Madeira.

It is a worthwhile visit to the mount - not only to visit the gardens (including the privately owned garden in the well known Quinta do Monte) but also to take the world famous toboggan slide runs down the mountain! For the more relaxed at heart some will find great interest in the historical and religious heritage of the zone - for this is also the locale of the "Igreja do Monte" - which after the Cathedral of Funchal is the most important ecclesiastical structure in Madeira. It is here that the body of Charles and his wife, the last emperor and empress of the Austro-Hungarian empire rest. Their bodies are eternally sanctified within the walls of the characteristic church.

With Monte as the crown and Funchal as its multicoloured dress the Quinta da Fonte is an unusual and special accommodation. Some have described it even as a live-in museum or art gallery - that is, with reference to the vast collection of exquisite furniture, antiques and Indo-Portuguese relics and artefacts of inestimable value. Meticulous care and indulgent attention to detail makes this accommodation more of a mansion than just an old family home.



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