The house was bought in 1976 by the current landlord from an old Madeiran family that had hadthe house in their possession for generations since it was built in 1850. Mr Estevinho, the current landlord, refurbished and renovated the old home to its former glory. Amongst some drastic measures to recuperate the old home was the complete rebuilding of the roof to provide a more comfortable interior environment and to make available some extra space that was possible with some modern engineering the interior was also redesigned to better use the available space.

The interior decoration that followed the structural renovation was extraordinary. Each item added to the small mansion was exclusive, exceptional and always chosen in good taste. The excellent decorative style is primarily Portuguese or English/Madeiran. The many remarkable artifacts and works of art endow the property with the feel of a noble residence with the hushed silence of discretion and the warmth of luxury pervading the dry and quiet interior.

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