About some of the antiques in Quinta da Fonte.

A remarkable piece of furniture to mention is the “Dom João V” (or King John the Fifth of Portugal) living room table set: a centuries old and marvellously carved handcrafted table, surrounded by equally elaborate and exquisite chairs, a large sofa and a comfortable regal armchair.

The mainstay of the mansion’s extraordinary collection of furniture is the content of the “Dona Maria” (Queen Mary of Portugal) bedroom. The complete suite of bed, dresser, commode, table and chairs that grace the sunny and beautiful bedroom is a prize many a collector would envy. Indeed many offers have been made to purchase these precious items. However, the furniture fits perfectly into the room and is the pride and joy of a lifetime of collecting by the mansion owner - they treat their furniture as heirlooms. This bedroom is the most popular of the five rooms available and enjoys the presence of a well known and extremely valuable seventeenth century oil painting of the “Imaculada Conceição” (the Immaculate Conceição) by a prestigious Portuguese artist of the time.

In one of the other bedrooms there is a collection of rare “Vinhático” furniture (made from a lighter/creamier type of  Mahogany style wood – from the tree endemic to Madeira, and today a protected species found almost exclusively in the UNESCO world heritage Laurissilva forest). The “Vinhático” furniture includes a double size canopy bed, an exquisite “Bombe Commode” and a handcrafted manicured wardrobe.


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