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Somewhat unknown, seemingly discreet at times, is the fact that Christopher Columbus lived, married and even had child (Diogo Columbo) on the island of Porto Santo. Christopher Columbus in keeping with the typical activities of his Genoese heritage - trade, plied back and forth between the Madeiran Archipelago and Lisbon selling sugar and sugar cane. It was only after the untimely death of his wife (the daughter of the Porto Santo Governor) that eventually led him to leave the island and venture into the schemes and plans to discover the New World, or the new route to India.

The Christopher Columbus Museum in Porto Santo
The Christopher Columbus Museum in Porto Santo. Picture Courtesy of MadMulti - from their CD Madeira Photos. Available for purchase from

Christopher Columbus was uniquely qualified for this adventure. He had found evidence of handcrafted cane work washed up ashore that did not resemble or could not be referenced to any plant or handcraft till then seen in the known world. These fragments of washed up debris indicated foreign lands not yet discovered. It was his relationship with Porto Santo and the building up of strength and character on the long and open ocean voyages between Madeira and the Iberian Peninsula that led him to believe strongly the tales and myth that sailors along these voyages would rant about. His travels to the different courts of European Monarchs, his subsequent funding by the Spanish court and his discoveries of the Caribbean or the Americas are now well documented needing no further discussion here.

The Christopher Columbus Museum in the Vila Baleira of Porto Santo is believed to be the former residence of the Genoese Discoverer while he stayed and lived on the island. There are artefacts, records, and even several paintings showing the image of the face of Christopher Columbus in the museum.


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    Travessa da Sacrista, 4
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