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The Museum of Contemporary Art was opened to the public in 1992 in its new home, the Fortaleza São Tiago, or Fort Saint James, in the old zone - Zona Velha, of Funchal, Madeira. The museum or exhibition is considered to be one of the top 5 art museums in Portugal. The collection of contemporary art is unique in that much of the acquisitions are indeed donations by the artists themselves. Some paintings are bought. But again these are usually purchased at a token fee to the original artist or owner.

The Christopher Columbus Museum in Porto Santo
The old and picturesque Forte São Tiago - now home to the Museum of Contemporary Art. Picture Courtesy of MadMulti - from their CD Madeira Photos. Available for purchase from

The uniquely Portuguese and Madeiran art heritage is continuously expanding and growing to such proportions making it necessary to rotate the collection at various intervals so as to accommodate all the works of art held by the museum in the small confines of the old fort. The museum continues to promote the artists by allowing several artists to exhibit private collections to the public at several opportune times during the year.

Among some of the artists in regular exposition are António Areal, Helena Almeida, Nuno Siqueira, Manuel Babtista, Jorge Martins, Artur Rosa, and Joaquim Rodrigo - artists from the decade of the 60's. More recent artists from the 70's and 80's include Bartolomeu Cid dos Santos, Gil Teixeira Lopes, António Bouca, Cargaleiro, Emília Nadal, Carlos Calvet, António Palolo, Nuno Sampayo, Isabel Laginhas, and many others. The most recent acquisitions of artists that have produced notable works of art in the 90's include Ilda David, Ana Vidigal, Miguel Branco, Pedro Babrito Reis, Sofia Areal, Rui Sanches and António Campos Rosado among many others. For those culture vultures who are Portuguese Art enthusiasts there is even a precious oil by Vieira da Silva.


More Info :

  • Opening Times :
    Mondays to Saturdays:
    open from 10H00 to 12H30,
    and then from 14H00 to 17H45

    Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

  • Contact:
    Fortaleza de São Tiago
    9050 Funchal
    Tel: (+351 +91) 226456
    (+351 +91) 226906

  • Price:
    Adults -
    350$00 PTE (Portuguese Escudos)
    Pensioners and Under 25's - 170$00 PTE
    Free admission for - young children, scholars, teachers, tourist guides, media reporters, painters, sculptors, and Portuguese military personnel.
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