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  The "Casa da Luz" Electricity Museum  


Although dealing with a somewhat more demure subject matter as electricity, this museum has proved to be one of the most attractive and fascinating in Funchal. The museum is situated in the area formerly occupied by the Thermal Centre of Funchal (Central Térmica do Funchal) in downtown old Funchal - the Zona Velha. It is still owned and operated through a holding company by the Electrical Utility Authority. The entrance to the Casa da LuzThe Museum Casa da Luz was inaugurated on the 24th of November 1997 and has since enjoyed a considerable amount of visitor turnover helping it candidate itself for the European Museum of the Year Award.

The museum was initially established to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the introduction of electricity to Madeira. The museum now concentrates on the following 4 main themes:

  • The Lights of Funchal - Luzes do Funchal
  • A Century of Electricity - Um Século de Electricidade, 1897-1997
  • Sources of Energy in Madeira - Fontes de Energia
  • Interactive Science and Technology Programmes with Virtual Reality Features (Interactive modules on production, transportation, and the distribution of energy).

The museum is a visual introduction to the evolution of the electrical distribution and infrastructure on the Islands of the Madeiran Archipelago.

It is particularly attractive as the visitor has the opportunity to tinker with and interact with various types of electrical equipment in the Interactive Science and Technology Hall - Espaço Interactivo de Ciencia e Tecnologia.

A large auditorium has also been built into and as part of the museum. It is frequent and common to find preparations for festivals, music shows or orchestral productions taking place. Keep an eye out for local posters on the streets of Funchal advertising concerts !


More Info :

  • Opening Hours:
    Tuesday to Sundays:
    open from 10.00 until 12.30 and from 14.00 until 18.00

    Closed on Mondays

  • Contact:
    Museu de Electricidade «Casa da Luz»
    Rua Casa da Luz, 2
    9050 Funchal
    Tel.: (351 91) 23 39 00
    Fax.:(351 91) 23 39 90
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