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  The IBTAM - institute for embroidery, tapestry, handicrafts of Madeira - museum.  

The Núcleo Museológico do IBTAM - the museum centre of the Madeiran Institute for embroidery, tapestry and handicrafts is a non-pompous and discreet look at the role and economy of three areas of handiwork still practised today in Madeira: that is, embroidery, tapestry, and handicraft work - especially wickerwork. The centrepiece of the museum is the collection of valuable 19th and early 20th century embroidered cloths and decorative pieces. The collection is reminiscent of the décor that was practised in the homes of fine Madeiran families and abroad during the times when the romanticism style was very much in Fashion.

The craft of embroidering these magnificent cloths is a painstaking one. However, the IBTAM institute have made it less than painstaking to appreciate the history and methods of this elegant craft. A pedagogical centre is open to the public where they can learn the different types of stitches and creative pattern making methods possible in Madeira embroidery.


More Info :

  • Opening Hours :
    Mondays to Fridays
    Open from 10H00 to 12H30 and from 14H30 to 17H30

    Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays

  • Contact:
    Núcleo Museológico do I.B.T.A.M.
    Rua do Anadia, 44
    9050 Funchal
    Tel: (+351 +91) 22 31 41
    Fax: (+351 +91) 22 84 05

  • Admission Fees:
    Adults: 300$00 PTE (Portuguese Escudos)
    Groups: 200$00 per person (Max 20 persons in a group)
    Students and children: free admission
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