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  São Francisco Cellars Wine Museum  
the São Francisco Wine Cellar Exterior
The corner to the São Francisco Wine Cellars Museum in central Funchal

The São Francisco or Saint Francis cellar museum and wine lodge was originally a monastery - that is, until the Portuguese authority expelled the religious order of monks from Portuguese soil in 1834. The museum is considered to be one of the most atmospheric in Madeira. There are a cluster of old buildings round a cobbled central courtyard with banana and palm trees. The original and well kept interiors and equipment have been preserved to offer as authentic as possible the environment as it was enjoyed through the century and half since the Blandy family of wine makers started producing and shipping Madeira wine from there.

The museum itself is a collection of documents and Madeira wine artefacts. There is a seventeenth century wooden lagar from Porto Santo (an early wine press), instruments of the trade - including a token working cooperage, measuring tools, historical labels, and so on. The aromas of wine and resting wooden barrels in the air all help to promote the rich and enthusing exhibit of an old Madeira wine tradition. The museum cellars contain several wooden vats, made from mahogany, oak and satin wood.

A detail of one of the Murals by Max Romer
Detail of a wine harvester on a mural by Max Romer at the São Francisco Wine Museum

For groups of visitors there is a regular guided tour each day. A video presentation is also made available for the Madeira wine enthusiast. That is, if the oenophile has time to see the presentation whilst trying out some of the rare vintage wines in the special wine tasting sessions. Proving to many guests how special and popular this extrasensory and quietly interactive museum can be...

The museum visitor is afforded another imbibing experience of colour, light and character with the important collection of murals by the German artist Max Romer. The works of art on display show some day to day Madeira Wine making related themes: folklore, harvesting, wine pressing, and so on. The museum and wine cellars are frequented, according to the Madeira Wine Company, by more than a quarter million visitors annually - many of them repeat visitors.


More Info :

  • Opening Times:
    Mondays to Fridays:
    Open from 09H00 to 20H00

    Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

  • Guided Tours:
    Mondays to Fridays:
    Tours available at 10H30 and 15H30

    Tours available at 11H00

  • Contact:
    Adegas São Francisco
    Avenida Arriaga, 28
    9000 Funchal

    Tel: (351 91) 74 01 10
    Fax: (351 91) 74 01 11

  • Admission:
    All visitors: Free
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