Just below the house you can walk through the vineyard to Funchal
The stairs below the main house lead through dappled shaded and green pathways straight to funchal - a mere 20 minute downhill walk away, if you would like the easy exercise.

Long Term Accommodation at the Private Apartments of Senhor Abel


São João is one of the suburbs or parish counties of Funchal. The apartments are neatly tucked away into the hills overlooking Funchal. It is very quiet as it sits right at the end of the driveway for local residents. 100 metres away is all you need to get back into one of the main roads to Funchal and the upper suburb or parish county of Santo António. A wonderful view is held over the  harbour and is in close walking distance. There is a good lot of bus services in the area and the taxi or cab fare is rather cheap between the apartments and the centre of Funchal.

Of the 4 apartments available for rent by  Senhor Abel one of them is a luxury apartment with its own garden, 2 bathrooms and a very spacious living room. The remaining  three apartments all  have a terrace or veranda to spend the lazy afternoons overlooking the metropolitan menagerie of the City of Funchal.

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Some chairs in the garden