Please see the driving instructions below.
Driving Instructions
The driving instructions are from Funchal airport.


As you leave the airport in a northerly-west direction follow the clearly visible signs pointing to Funchal. You will invariably enter into the highway. Follow the highway all along the coast and mountainside until you come to a sign post: on the signpost one arrow points to Funchal and the other arrow also points to Funchal but via the "Via Rápida" to Ribeira Brava and Câmara de Lobos. Take the second arrow:

Keep to the road pointing to Ribeira Brava and Câmara de Lobos. You will then go through 3 tunnels. Keep to the right hand side of the lane. Do not stay to the left where it leads down to Funchal. Ignore the sign for Funchal and the 4th tunnel. You should then be driving in a road called "Rua Pedro João Ornelas" - as you keep going on you will arrive at a fork in the road. At the fork go left and up. Keep going up. The next sign you find is Monte, Babosa and Livramento. Go left - follow the Livramento sign. This is a long road that you will follow to the end until you arrive at the crossroads as per the map above. (The crossroads is at the yellow and white intersection where the red arrows are on the map above - Estrada do Livramento and Estrada dos Marmeleiros.)

Go right and follow the map or the sign on the road showing Monte 3. The road is the second on the left - Rua Professor Bettencourt Rodriques. It is the second house on the left on the road.