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The Portuguese Currency Unit

The Portuguese unit of currency is called the "Escudo". Literally translated as "Shields". An interesting titbit of information: this unit refers to the  medieval term for armour worn by horsemen and sartorial knights of the Iberian Peninsula. It evolved to the name of the gold and silver coins in circulation in ancient hispanic times.

The Escudo divisions:

The notes and coins of the Escudo are found in the following format:

Notes (from smallest to biggest):

  • 500$00 - (red in colour)
  • 1000$00 - (brown)
  • 2000$00 - (blue)
  • 5000$00 - (green)
  • 10000$00 - (beige)

Coins (from smallest to largest):

  • 1$00 (copper - bronze)
  • 2,50$00 (nickel)
  • 5$00 (copper - bronze)
  • 10$00 (copper - bronze)
  • 20$00 (nickel)
  • 50$00 (nickel)
  • 100$00 (nickel and bronze)
  • 200$00 (nickel and bronze)

Be careful with two points:

  1. The notes of 10 000$00 and 1 000$00 may be confusing at times. The colour of the notes have been found by many as being too similar and it has happened often that the note of 10 000$00 has been tendered and received as a note of 1 000$00. Be sure to check that extra "0" on the notes !
  2. The coins of 100$00 and 200$00 are also very similar, but not as great a loss if tendered incorrectly as the notes mentioned above. The 200$00 has a golden rim and is heavier than the 100$00, which has a silver rim around a copper centre.

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