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The post office has some very useful services for the traveller to Madeira too. If you have a savings account with a postal service abroad, in the European Union, you will be able to make a withdrawal from that account. Moreover, if you want to send money it can be done quite efficiently at the Post Office too. One of the major branches of the Post Office in Madeira, known as the C.T.T. ( or Correios in Portuguese), is the branch in Avenida Zarco. Somewhat diagonally opposite to the Golden Gate and next to the Banco de Portugal. Which in turn is next to the tourism bureau. The postal services in Portugal were analysed by an international watchdog a couple years back and it was established that the C.T.T in Portugal was the 4th best Postal Service in the world. This is a remarkable feat for this company as it strives to serve a very difficult local market.


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