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If you really want to travel by sea to Madeira you might be lucky to find a sailing boat that will pass or stay a while in the Marina at Funchal. Usually, you can join as a crew member or as a guest paying a small fee. However, this is very informal and has to be arranged by direct contact with sailing boat owners or their captains or crew. You may want to try and put a free notice on our classifieds board or use the Bulletin Board to announce a trip that might be of interest to the possible voyager to Madeira. Many marinas in most european cities have message boards in the vicinity - so placing a message on those may bring you that sea journey that you may be so keen to realise. The marina in Funchal has a message board too, so it may be possible to find a trip back home via the sea.

A view over the marina A picture of the marina area in Funchal. The limited size of the marina means that some boats have to jockey for positions. Some controversy reigns regarding the selection and allocation of positions. Expect, however, to pay a little bit more here for the convenience compared to other marinas in Europe or even Portugal. More marinas are being built, and soon sailing boats will be able to dock at places such as Calheta, and Caniço.


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