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Porto Santo.

Porto Santo has a small marina too, and also accommodates the daily trips between Madeira Island and Porto Santo by the Sea Ferry - at this moment the sea ferry service is called the "Porto Santo Line" and the Ferry's name itself is the "Lobo Marinho". The service operates a regular and efficient service between the two islands. Prices range in the region of 7700$00 PTE (Portuguese Escudos) for a day return trip. If you are a student you can qualify for a discount upon the presentation of your student card or special portuguese youth cards called the "Cartão Jovem". Senior citizens also have some enormous benefit - with prices reduced right down to 1000$00 PTE (Portuguese Escudos) after successfully presenting yourself and your ID Card at the "Centro de Turismo" (the Tourism Office, in the Avenida Arriaga). However, we must point out that at last overview, we were not able to qualify whether senior citizens from any country could qualify for these special discounts. Being in the European Union it should be acceptable for any Senior Citizen in Europe to get these special tickets. But do check out the "Centro de Turismo" in Avenida Arriaga for more details. Also, very importantly, buy the local newspaper, especially the "Diário de Notícias" as announcements will be found daily on the second last page of the newspaper (the weather page) regarding special discounts to and from the island. Expect to get special deals if you travel to Madeira during certain festivals - especially, Easter, the Flower Festival, the Porto Santo Rally (this year in April), Christmas, the Carnival, and so on. Check our calendar out to determine which special festival might be happening during your stay in Madeira.




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