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Welcome to Our, and Your, Holiday Home by the Sea

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Our Doorstep Introduction

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One bright weekend at the house - 21.8 K

Thank you for taking out the time to visit us. We hope we can be of the most helpful service to you

This is the start page. The doorstep introduction would follow with a short introduction to the lovely house that we are so pleased and happy to be a part of : we, that is, Alberto, your host, Johnny, your co-host and principle driving force behind the house, and Limbo, the totally-not-always-with-it webmaster. And, ofcourse, the gentle and friendly people of the village of Seixal who have supported our activities.

We hope our holiday home will bring you as much sunshine to your holiday as it does to our social lives. We have tried hard to recreate our enchantment of the evocative area and the practice of travelling not as a package tourist but rather on, figuratively speaking, the back of a package mule - voyaging like the classic discoverers and frontiersman of past times. It might be difficult to bump into a tourbus full of tourists here...

We have decided to add some pretty pictures to supplement the already visually wealthy house-area overlooking the nearby sea. Also, some other links, that bear relevance and interest to Casa das Videiras.

This journey has been a great creative experience. We can only hope that you may enjoy it too. Please tell us anything, or proffer any query you like through the feedback form on our feedback page.

Keep an eye out for some upcoming postcards sent us from past clients.

Part of the scenery that the house overlooks - 11.6 K

"The most beautiful manor-home or "Bed & Breakfast" lodging on the NorthCoast of the island of Madeira". (Jorge Barbosa, after a recent stay there)

And... "some of the most beautiful scenery"... that has been interpreted by many an artist before. ( Winston Churchill, 1951 ?)

Copyright Casa das Videiras and Limbo, 1997

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