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The house dates to Victorian times. It was built in 1867. The house was then magnificently and enchantingly restored, and enlarged, in 1995 to accommodate three full double size bedrooms each with their own en-suite bathrooms.


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Moreover, there is a separate detached unit or suite outside for comfortable privacy and quiet independent moments ( very good for lovers... ).

Fortunately, attention was given to the necessary space travellers need to rest in and enjoy themselves. There is more space devoted to the living and enjoying of your holidays than in a normal bed and breakfast hotel.

There is a reception or drawing room at the top. diningroom.JPG - 14.2 KOn the lower level there is a living room, a television and video or recreational area, a dining area for classic style dinners and suppers, and a kitchen and pantry area, where, if your needs be, you can do your own self-catering. lounge.JPG - 13.3 KThe rest of the bottom area which, incidentally, was decorated with madeiran adornments to a style and taste of that of a norwegian interior, is devoted to the reception and collection of soft warm and fresh breezes.

Here too the dappled sunlight will seductively lull you to sleep as it comes through the attractive satin gren shutters - that open as doors to the patio - which in turn is shaded by the traditional and characteristic vine lintel.

Yet, if you feel more need for a brighter sunnier afternoon you may want to sit under the umbrella in our garden alongside the house. Topview1.JPG - 15.9 KYou can still enjoy a cool drink on the open air verandah-style living area out in the garden. A fresh summer afternoon at the solarium

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