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Here are some links that we felt might be useful for finding more information regarding madeira.

Use the great accommodation finder database on Madeira Island

Holiday Rentals...
A nice idea. A more quality holiday format is presented
Official Calendar Data: Madeira
This has a table with statistics and official data, like which days are "public holidays", time charts, and so on...
Cheap flights to Madeira. From Great Britain, that is...
The travel shop: Madeira
Short and stippy. Has a few info bits on PACKAGE Holidays to Madeira
Travel shops weather statistics for Madeira
An annual data stat. on the islands weather.
The shopping centre: flights to Madeira
Another good place to find flights and info to Madeira
Classic FM radio: Madeira Contact Sheet
This format by a well known british radio station is quite clearly destined to the british audience. Have a peek.
Madeira Wine Institute
Madeira wine has some world acclaim. Find out some more here at the institutes info page.
News Report on the Sale of the Reid's Hotel
A press written report on the group and new owners of the world famous 5 star hotel
More Charter Flight Prices
More charter flight prices
Financial Data Systems: Backround info on Madeira.
Business and finance world operated it seems
Bright and Chirpy advice and information by the World Travel Guide
This is more practical information. Who needs to buy a tour guide book when you can download and print all of this ?
USA Today's weather report on Madeira
This is very handy ! A fine page to see a prediction on the weather for the next five days.

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