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We must thank the Secretary of Tourism for Madeira, João Carlos Abreu, for supplying the photographs so magnanimously. We will have some of his poetry (including audio) uploaded soon. This way many people can enrich their experience of Madeira and Portugal with the artistry of a world renowned poet. Go to his poetry here ! ( sorry, not available yet. )

Enjoy !

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A garden walk near one of the world famous levada routes.

The perfect place to practise your yodling skills

There is a significant hole in the mountain here. It is a typical example of a levada walk

The lush pastures are always complemented by the exhuberance of the all year spring flowering...

A long beautiful seascape along the east coast of Madeira

The true blue article being produced. Many rural people will be seen crafting the much sought after embroideries of Madeira

Another fine place to find a walking escape route. Here there is a small watermill to help you refresh your tired legs

The view over São Jorge. A village on the North Coast.

An old photo of the church and steeple at São Vicente

A lazy sunday afternoon at the church forecourt. " What ? A television ? What is that ?" - Villager 1968

A haven for ducks. Some stop over here rather than trek the whole journey over the Sahara south for the winter

Carnival time. The band shows off the vibrance of the day's festivities.

Spectacular costumes and attention to good taste all help to illuminate the party of the year in Funchal

The popular pools at Porto Moniz. The beach and pools were made by the natural imponding of the Atlantic

The fishermen preparing chunks of tuna at the fiah market

The flower festival in april. This is the most characteristic of all the popular festivals in Madeira

Little flower nymphs sprucing up the stems to their brightest colours

An avenue of lost times in the quiet and memory filled village of São Vicente

The icon of many madeiran brochures on Madeira: the traditional homes of people living in the village of Santana

The panoramic view over Funchal is very good. It is quite astonishing to see so much green life in such a dense city.

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