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A walk through the village of Seixal

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The Fantastic View Over Seixal <i>(worth waiting for the download of this big image)</i>

The history of Seixal is the history of its people. The hardened wrinkled lines on the faces of some of the villagers lie like ravines into what should be the predictable past of this tiny corner of the island, ...of the world. But do not make the mistake of dismissing the village as another typical point where people leave with no intention of return. The population today stands less than half what it was 20 to 30 years ago. But for most it is far too enchanting to throw away the life here for that of a bigger city.

The capture of this enclave by the sea made it possible for sailors to harbour near the untouched mountain side in 1567 for the first time on a permanent basis. The sea was the normal trade route and means of communication. So it was natural to build fort and home here. Agricultre was pursued to supplement the already rich fishing potential on this side of the island cerca17th century. The population rose steadily to about 3 500 people inbetween the 18th and 19th centuries.

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Seixal is also patrolled by those other hunters. If you happen to be a diurnal lepidopterous being, that is, if you are so unfortunate ( or fortunate ) enough in having knobbed antennae, and carrying your colourful wings erect when at rest: ...yes, thats right a butterfly. If you are a butterfly then there are no more cleaner and robust pastures to venture into. Likewise if you are a papiliomaniac feel free to exercise those web and dart techniques of yours...

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