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This is the place where you can relive the way travelling and voyaging was and should be done. Does anything from the Merchant and Ivory Film A room with a view strike a chord with you ? HouseB-angle.JPG - 12.6 KThis is where you can pass your time away the way those old fashioned travellers did. Call it neo-victorian if you will, but with all the modern amenities to make you feel well at home and pampered for... .

You will refresh the spirit and the body in amongst the verdejante nature. The eden corner of Madeira. The home is situated in a typical and picturesque village called Seixal. The tiny village hosts a warm and kindly array of local madeiran people. They still perform age old rituals and customs. Old-Villager.JPG - 10.6 KYou will find yourself participating quite soon the gentle greetings of "good day" ( bom dia)and "good afternoon" ( bom tarde ), and the restful siestas in the afternoon. The sea lapping sounds from yonder... . If you feel energetic you may want to help one of the local family or cottage industry persons make some wine ! Strap those boots off and wash your feet ! Theres some grape trampling and squashing to do ! This is not obligatory, ofcourse. Seixal1.JPG - 10.8 KYou might prefer to wander in and around the high cliff pastures and chase wild fresh butterflies before you settle to some lazy gossip and banter at the local fishermens pub.

Our village Seixal is on the north coast of Madeira.

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