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Madeira Online - our very own mini Yahoo.
Miradouro - Business and Services Directory for Madeira.
Bulletin Boards - Leave a message on our bulletin boards.
Classifieds - Put a free advert up on our classifieds section.
Calendar of Events - What  is happening in Madeira.
Accommodation Finder - Let us help you find a place to stay.
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Car Hire Finder - Renting a Car made easier with this database.
Madeira Wine - An excellent site to read about and buy Madeira Wine.
Free Websites - 1 Megabyte of free webspace to host your site.
Travel Tips - A survival guide for visitors to the island.
Weather Report - The weather report for Madeira Island for the next 5 days.
Casa das Videiras - Our favourite countryside accommodation on Madeira.
Amigos do Auto - Madeira Island's Top Car Rental Agent.
Madeira Island Bus Services - Rural bus routes and services.
Deep Sea Fishing - Madeira has world renown for good marlin fishing.
Trails of Adventure - Sports and Healthy activities on Madeira Island.
Costa do Sol Pleasure Cruises - Boat  cruises along the coast of Madeira.
Sá Competições - The favourite rally team of most Madeirans on Madeira.
National Geographic - The article posted in the 1994 edition on Madeira.
Churches of Funchal - Ecclesiastical architecture in the Capital.
The Legend of Machim - A Madeira Legend.
Churchill in Madeira - The esteemed statesman visited madeira several times that he even wrote a book based on Madeira !
Reids Palace Hotel - A small web-article on a Madeiran Institution.
Friends of Madeira - Friends and People who linked to us.
Obrigado ! - The Portugal Search Engine and directory of the top 1000 sites in Portugal.




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