Former South African Political Heavyweight on Private visit to Madeira.
  Roelof Pik Botha
Roelof "Pik" Botha arrived yesterday, in Madeira. The former Minister for Foreign affairs and a Deputy Minister for Energy under Nelson Mandela in the South African government was invited for a stay on Madeira Island by Multi-Millionaire Joe Berardo. Joe Berardo has had and continues to have important business interests in South Africa. "Pik" is a very popular personality with the Madeiran Community in South Africa, and his personal contacts extend beyond Joe Berardo to other prominent Madeiran Businessmen and Leaders.

27 March, 1998

Some items of interest that focus on the "Penguin" of SA Politics.

Called "Pik", or "penguin" as a rough english translation of the appellation, because Roelof Botha had the stance, and sometimes the look in his suit, of a penguin.

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